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1 February, 2024

FemtoLux 30 is the winner of SPIE Prism Awards 2024 in laser category

On January 31, EKSPLA was awarded the Oscar of the laser industry – the prestigious SPIE Prism Award for the best laser, the FemtoLux 30. It marks the second time the Lithuanian laser community has been honored with this award, the first being in 2010 when the Ekspla team also secured the accolade.

Our FemtoLux 30 GHz stands out as the most flexible ultrafast laser for both industrial and scientific purposes. It offers unparalleled pulse management capabilities in the market – providing various GHz burst modes from the same laser source, including long GHz burst mode, short GHz burst mode, MHz, and GHz burst mode. The Pulse on Demand (PoD) feature enables the laser to fire a pulse only when required, with a mere 20 ns (peak to peak) jitter, allowing for precise control over the laser’s output and resulting in higher efficiency, accuracy, and quality.

Moreover, the FemtoLux 30 features a beautiful innovation that stands as a monument to the team’s creative minds. It boasts a Direct Refrigerant Cooling system, which has undergone military testing, demonstrating a Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF) of over 90,000 hours. This system ensures maintenance free 24/7/365 operation, leading to substantial cost and time savings due to the elimination of servicing and downtimes.

This is an extraordinary achievement for Ekspla and a recognition of over 30 years of dedication. ‘Any challenge can be accepted, significant victories can only be achieved through hard work, appreciating each other and working together,’ noted Aldas Juronis, the CEO of Ekspla, during the ceremony. ‘This win once again proves that our team can create the most innovative products appreciated not only by customers but also by market experts.’

The Prism Awards are presented annually to laser, photonics, or optics companies for their most innovative products of the year. Companies from around the world compete in the contest. The 2024 awards marked the 16th edition of the event.

This competition in the photonics and laser sector is considered equivalent to the Oscars of the film industry. The awards are the culmination of the annual global Photonics West (USA) organized by the International Society for Optics and Photonics (SPIE) conference and exhibition.

The lasers produced by the company have been among the finalists for these awards three times. In 2010, Ekspla received the highest Prism Awards recognition in the scientific lasers category for the NT200 laser system they created.