PS5023 series

Variable Pulse Duration Flashlamp Driver
  • Built-in serial ignition circuit
  • Built-in simmer power supply
  • Internal/external triggering
  • Remote control through LAN/CAN/RS-232 interface
  • Built-in serial ignition circuit
  • Built-in simmer power supply
  • Internal/external triggering
  • Remote control through LAN/CAN/RS-232 interface



  • Built-in serial ignition circuit
  • Built-in simmer power supply
  • Internal/external triggering
  • Remote control through LAN/CAN/RS-232 interface

PS5023 flashlamp driver is designed for pumping solid-state lasers with variable or long pulsewidth lamp discharge. It features variable pumping pulse in 0.5 – 10 ms range and output voltage of up to 550 V. Custom versions can achieve tens of milliseconds pulse duration.

Excellent pulse-to-pulse voltage stability. The charger is based on resonant inverter topology which is most efficient way to charge capacitive loads. Innovative design of charger circuit allows to charge capacitor bank with an excellent precision of 0.2%.

Built-in serial ignition circuit

The driver features a built-in serial ignition circuit. It greatly simplifies the design of laser head since external triggering circuit is not required anymore. The simmer module provides up to 900 V striking voltage.

The flashlamp is ignited by 16 kV pulse of approximately 1 μs duration, applied to the flashlamp cathode. The ignition circuit reliably ignites flashlamps with up to 200 mm arc length.

Remote control

Microprocessor-based control allows seamless integration of the driver into sophisticated laser systems. The charge voltage, repetition rate and pulse duration can be controlled remotely through LAN, CAN or RS-232 interface.

In addition, the interface allows monitoring of status and error messages as well as measure output energy and current to the lamp. The discharge pulse can be triggered from external pulse generator facilitating synchronisation of several units.

Built-in simmer power supply

The simmer power supply improves pulse-to-pulse stability and flashlamp lifetime. It is a constant current source producing 600 mA current at up to 300 V output voltage.

Other current values are available optionally. Linear xenon flashlamps of 4–6 mm bore diameter and arc length up to 200 mm are reliably simmered.

Modular design

The output parameters of power supply can be easily modified to meet customer needs subject to active lasing material, average output power or pulse energy. The average output power of the driver can be scaled up by paralleling several charger modules.

Up to four modules with resulting 4.8 kJ/s peak charging rate can be fitted into a single 19” body.

Seamless integration

The driver can be easily integrated with EKSPLA cooling units of PS1223 or PS1245 series.

Up to 6 units can be mounted into up to 25U height 19” racks providing powerful yet compact laser pumping cabinets.


Number of independent outputs1
Number of charging modules1234
Max. average output power Pavg at 10 Hz PRR 1.2 kJ/s2.4 kJ/s3.6 kJ/s4.8 kJ/s
Standard charging voltage Uch 350 ; 450 ; 500 V
Pulse durationvariable
Max pulse repetition rate250 Hz
Pulse to pulse voltage stability0.2 %
Resolution1 V
Ignition pulse voltage16 kV
Ignition pulse duration> 1000 ns
Simmer current options0.6 A; 1.2 A
Simmer voltage<300 V
Striking voltage<900 V
Protection featuresovervolt, overheat, overcurrent, interlock
Error reportno simmer current, no charge, HV connectors
Remote controlRS-232 / CAN (LAN on request)
Standard C PFN value 13200 or 26400 µF
MainsSingle phase 230 V (-10 %, + 6 %) or 3 phase 380 V (-10 %, +6%) 1)
Power consumption, average1.8 kW3.2 kW4.5 kW5.6 kW
Power consumption, peak2 kW4 kW6 kW8 kW
Operation conditions
Ambient temperaturefrom 0 to + 40 °C
Humidityfrom 10 to 90 % non-condensing
  1. 3-phase 200 V or 208 V mains are optional.

Specifications in table are given as reference. We always suggest to optimize power supply by customer’s usage conditions.

Configurations Examples

Ordering codeDischarge energy1)Repetition rate2)Maximal charging rateMaximum voltage/ currentFlashlamp recommendedPFN specifications
JHzkJ/sV/ACapacit­ance, mFInduct­ance, µHPulse duration range, ms
PS5023-2-13200-10-3.540032.4350/10009x62; Xe;
450 Torr
PS5023-2-26400-10-4.5100022.4450/6005x90; Xe;
450 Torr
PS5023-1-13200-20-5.570011.2550/6005x90; Xe;
450 Torr
PS5023-10-4.5-13200-10-4400104.8450/5005x75; Xe;
450 Torr
  1. Discharge energy is specified at maximal voltage and maximal pulse duration.
  2. Repetition rate is specified at maximal discharge energy and can be proportionally higher by reducing energy.

Contact Ekspla if your requirements are different as in this table. We will consult you and make suggestion best matching your requirements.

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