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27 May, 2021

Reliability redefined: new femtosecond industrial laser built to work 24/7/365 without interruption

The FemtoLux 30 is a new 30 W femtosecond industrial-grade laser built to work 24/7/365 without interruption.

The new femtosecond laser employs an innovative cooling system and sets new reliability standards among industrial femtosecond lasers. Other lasers of similar optical power use water for cooling, which means an additional bulky and heavy water chiller is needed. The chiller requires periodical maintenance – cooling system draining and rinsing and water and particle filter replacement. Moreover, in the unfortunate event of water leakage, not only the laser head but also more expensive equipment could be damaged. Instead of using water for transferring heat from a laser head, the FemtoLux 30 uses an innovative Direct Refrigerant Cooling method. This means that no water is being used for cooling. Direct Refrigerant Cooling provides the highest heat transfer rates, high temperature stability, small size and low weight. A refrigerant agent, after a compressor and condenser, is being delivered to the cooling plate using flexible armored hoses. The cooling plate is detachable from the laser head to make laser installation more convenient inside any laser processing equipment. Unlike water-cooled systems, a direct refrigerant cooling system does not require any periodic maintenance, because the entire refrigerant circulation system is completely sealed. The laser cooling equipment is integrated with the laser power supply unit into a single 4U rack-mounted housing with a total weight of just 15 kg.

The FemtoLux 30 femtosecond laser has a tunable pulse duration from <350 fs to 1 ps and can operate in a broad AOM controlled range of pulse repetition rates from a single shot to 4 MHz. Maximum single pulse energy above 90 µJ was achieved at 200kHz repetition rate. While the maximum energy of 250 µJ, achieved while operating in burst mode, would ensure higher ablation rates and processing throughput for different materials.

The FemtoLux 30 laser is the perfect tool for display and microelectronics manufacturing, microprocessing and marking of brittle materials, such as glass, sapphire, or ceramics, as well as for the highest quality microprocessing of different metals and polymers.

Innovative laser control electronics ensure easy control of the FemtoLux30 laser, thus reducing the time and human resources required for integrating this laser into other laser equipment.

High laser reliability and zero maintenance requirement of the FemtoLux 30 laser will ensure uninterrupted laser operation, fast ROI, and low ownership cost to the end-user.