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25 April, 2024

Project 'EKSPLA Inside' has launched

Over the past few years, Ekspla has developed products that have already achieved significant success in the market – industrial femtosecond and tunable wavelength lasers, as well as lasers for photoacoustic imaging. One of the most successful areas of laser application is their integration into certain equipment, such as cutting-edge medical devices or manufacturing equipment.

End-users purchase such equipment and utilize it to accomplish incredible things: our FemtoLux 30 femtosecond laser is used to manufacture stents, cut out glass for mobile screens, and mark medical instruments, while the PhotoSonus laser for photoacoustics is employed in cancer research.

We regularly attend exhibitions and conferences, closely collaborating not only with the business community but also with the scientific community. Thanks to funding from the European Union, we will be able to visit even more events and, at the same time, promote the reputation of Lithuania as a country of laser technology.

For this purpose, we have developed a project called ‘EKSPLA Inside’, which started in January 2024 and will finish in October 2025. Its aim is to help penetrate new original equipment manufacturing markets for Ekspla‘s previously mentioned ultrafast industrial and tunable wavelength lasers, and lasers for photoacoustic imaging. The expected results include increased awareness of our high-value-added products in the international market and, of course, growing exports.

The activities of the ‘EKSPLA Inside’ project are co-financed by the European Union, with a total value of €184,558.00, of which the EU allocates €92,279.00.