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27 October, 2020

New tunable wavelength picosecond laser: tunability from 210 to 2300 nm from the one box

Ekspla introduces a new tunable wavelength picosecond laser. The PT403 series picosecond laser provides from 210 to 2300 nm output wavelength from one box.

Unlike other solutions on the market offering laser and OPO in different units, the new PT403 series laser integrates a picosecond 1 KHz repetition-rate DPSS pump laser and optical parametric generator into a single housing. Compared with the previous two-box system (PL2210+PG403), the PT403 delivers an almost two times smaller footprint, shorter installation time, better stability and other substantial benefits.

The all-in-one-box solution features all components in one compact housing. It means better overall stability because it eliminates all potential causes for misalignment between the separate units of the pump laser and optical parametric generator.

No sacrifices have been made in terms of parameters or reliability when building the PT400. The optical design is optimized to produce low divergence beams with moderate linewidth (typically <8 cm⁻¹) at approximately 15 – 20 ps pulse duration. Featuring 1 KHz repetition rate, the PT403 tunable laser is a versatile cost-efficient tool for scientists researching various kinds of disciplines such as time-resolved fluorescence, pump-probe spectroscopy, laser-induced fluorescence and Infrared spectroscopy.

The PT403 was born as a result of close cooperation with scientific users by serving their request for a reliable, space-saving, and functional tunable wavelength picosecond laser source. To ensure reliability, industry and market-tested solutions were employed during the design and construction of the PT403.

The pump laser is based on the industry “gold standard” diode pumped Ekspla PL2210 series picosecond mode-locked laser. Improved output parameters and reduced maintenance costs are achieved by employing diode-pumped-only technology.

The optical parametric generator is based on PGX03 picosecond optical parametric amplifier systems. The fully automated and microprocessor-based control system ensures hands-free, precise wavelength tuning.

For convenience, the system can be controlled through its USB type PC interface (RS232 is optional) with LabView™ drivers or a remote control pad. Both options allow easy control of system settings.