Manufacturer of solid state lasers and systems for science and technology
26 January, 2024

Ekspla is looking for distributors of OEM laser electronics for US & Canada regions

There is a saying that truly resonates with Ekspla’s entrepreneurial ambitions: ‘Your network is your net worth.’ Undoubtedly, we are actively bolstering our global network of over 25 distributors to fortify our market presence worldwide. Our electronic products have been popular amongst US laser manufacturers for 20+ years straight, and we are currently seeking more partners to represent and distribute our OEM laser electronics in the regions of the United States and Canada.


Main responsibilities of our future distributors would be the following:

  • active sales of OEM laser electronics products,
  • customer visits, representation of Ekspla’s laser electronics during trade show in US,
  • partial involvement and assistance in service, technical support and logistics processes.


Our perfect candidates would be active partners with a background of laser component B2B sales (especially electronics) to OEM end-users.


More about our laser electronics program:

  • Product design embodies 35+ years of experience in manufacturing and R&D of serial and custom laser systems.
  • Up to date, laser electronics created by our team of enthusiastic engineers, has been the heart and soul of 15.000+ laser systems.
  • 99%+ of sold products perform fail-free throughout 10+ year period under the most demanding conditions.

Our main products: laser diode drivers, Pockels cell drivers & HV power supplies, laser synchronization modules & pulse delay generators, nonlinear crystal ovens, custom electronics hardware + software solutions.

Our end users: manufacturers of solid state, fiber & diode lasers and direct diode systems.

The markets we target: industrial, medical & aesthetic, defence, scientific.


Ekspla laser electronics experience includes custom adaptation and high-volume manufacturing for laser developers and manufacturers.

Our clients – world-leading manufacturers of industrial, medical and scientific lasers whose systems are installed in 60+ countries and 80+ top universities worldwide.

Ekspla laser electronics products are implemented in the world’s most sophisticated laser systems developed for CERN, NASA, ELI, Max Planck Institutes, Cambridge University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and other renowned scientific institutions.


Contact our laser electronics product manager Artūras Ruseckas at +370 5 264 9629 and