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12 February, 2020

Helping to choose the right laser: application articles

What laser parameters would be best  suited for my applications? Are there any examples of employing this type of laser for the research fields I work in? Can I get this laser user’s reference list? A lot of questions arise in laser buyers and users heads. Whether a potential buyer or an existing owner. Whether a Scientist or an Engineer integrating lasers into their set-up.

A new feature to answer these kinds of questions is being introduced. From now, certain Ekspla products like NT230, PL2230 and SFG spectrometers will have a list of corresponding articles and publications, written by Ekspla customers, illustrating how this laser was employed for various kinds of applications. To make things easier, a brand new search engine was integrated which allows  searching according to various products, keywords and applications.

Articles can now be found in each product page under the tab “publications” and in the applications area below the corresponding section.

“We are proud of our laser’s users. In a few months, we collected a list of almost 70 articles and shared them online for Ekspla website visitors. Our interest is to expand this list as much as possible by illustrating not only the most popular but interesting applications as well.” – noted Mantvydas Jašinskas, Ekspla CSO – “so we encourage everybody to share feedback and ideas on this feature.”

Already an Ekspla laser user? Have some published papers? We invite you to share your knowledge and get your articles and publications listed on the Ekspla website. Please do not hesitate to contact us for details.

We respect copyright and visitors can see all the important publicly available article information (name, annotation, authors, DOI and etc.) with a link to the original source.



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