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19 August, 2022

FemtoLux30 - gold honoree at 2022 Laser Focus World Innovators Awards

FemtoLux30femtosecond laser from Ekspla was recognized as gold honoree in industrial laser systems category at 2022 Laser Focus World Innovators awards.

Panel of judges, consisting of reputable names from optics and photonics community recognized unique “dry cooling” feature of this new ultrafast industrial laser and benefits it delivers for end-users.

“This year as we embarked on the Innovators Awards process, it was encouraging to see so many companies submit entries. So many amazing innovations across a growing and ever-evolving space. “ – noted Laser Focus World Editor-in-Chief Peter Fretty  – “We employed a blind judging process where multiple judges evaluated each submission without knowing how the other scored the entry. This approached allowed us to even out any potential biases by created average scores for each innovation.”

“The FemtoLux 30 is a 30 W femtosecond industrial-grade laser built to work 24/7/365 without interruption.” – noted Mantvydas Jašinskas, Ekspla CSO. – “It employs an innovative cooling system which enables to set new reliability standards among industrial femtosecond lasers. Instead of using water for transferring heat from a laser head, the FemtoLux 30 uses an innovative Direct Refrigerant Cooling method.“

This means that no water is being used for cooling. Unlike water-cooled systems, a direct refrigerant cooling system does not require any periodic maintenance, because the entire refrigerant circulation system is completely sealed. In addition, Direct Refrigerant Cooling provides the highest heat transfer rates, high temperature stability, smallest size and low weight.

The FemtoLux 30 laser is the perfect tool for display and microelectronics manufacturing, microprocessing and marking of brittle materials, such as glass, sapphire, or ceramics, as well as for the highest quality microprocessing of different metals and polymers.