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29 March, 2020

Fast wavelength switching option

New, fast wavelength switching (FWS) is available for Ekspla tunable wavelength lasers. Users employing lasers with this option installed will be able to preprogram almost any number of desired wavelengths (within the tuning range) to be emitted at any step and at any order. For instance, the first pulse can be emitted at 850 nm, the second at 980 nm, third at 720 nm, etc. Each laser pulse will be emitted with a different wavelength. The maximum wavelength range that can be switched between pulses is different for different lasers: for NT350 and flash-lamp pumped PhotoSonus it is the entire signal tuning range (660 – 1064 nm), while for diode-pumped 100Hz PhotoSonus X – it is 300 nm of the signal tuning range. FWS wavelength switching accuracy is better than ±0.5 nm.

For applications like photoacoustic imaging where tracking changes in molecular properties within a short time period is needed, this function should be especially attractive.

First of all, this option will be available for Ekspla products like PhotoSonus, PhotoSonus X and NT350, which are targeted for photoacoustic imaging applications. In special cases, the installation of this option in other Ekspla tunable wavelength lasers can be discussed.