Manufacturer of solid state lasers and systems for science and technology
16 November, 2016

Ekspla introduced brand updates

Vilnius – November 16, 2016 – celebrating 24 years of innovations, Ekspla, manufacturer of lasers, laser systems and electronics announced updated brand identity followed by facelifted logo.

Starting a new era in company’s development, brand sets an important milestone in Ekspla history. Maintaining close connections with scientific and engineering community, Ekspla establishes itself as scientifically curious team of creative engineers keen to take on new challenges.

“Ekspla evolved from a small company, established by several passionate engineers, to worldwide reliable solutions provider while continuing to express fundamental values of Ekspla culture: be capable, invent, contribute, be credible, be brave. These values reinforces and remains at the heart of newly introduced brand.” – noted Kestutis Jasiunas, CEO of Ekspla

Dr. Zenonas Kuprionis, Ekspla commercial director said – “in a last several years, Ekspla introduced some interesting product lines like LightWire series fiber lasers and high-energy laser systems. The most important thing – we attracted new talented people, who helped us to build new expertise. Today it’s time to introduce our competencies to the market.”

“Today Ekspla is serving two types of customers: scientists and engineers. Different groups of customers requires different approach. For scientists we are offering parameter tailored products for their unique experiments, while our offer for engineers is focused around reliable and tested solutions adopted for specific requirements as well” – noted Dr. Z. Kuprionis. “We are expecting that new changes, spread throughout the whole company will support our strong commitment to supply customers cutting edge products, adopted according to their unique requirements” – noted K. Jasiūnas.

A new, facelifted logo version has been introduced for better reflection of changes. Current logo version, with minor modifications was used for more than 24 years. To represent a new, fresh approach, updated EKSPLA logo embodies the brand essence by having repeatable elements arranged in a way that makes them unique. Symbol consists of eight stylized laser beams arranged in a circle. They are identical in shape yet vary in size. Wordmark is set in capital letters of custom-made typeface.