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25 July, 2018

New industrial picosecond laser Atlantic models feature higher average power and longer lifetime

Ekspla has updated its industrial picosecond laser line. The updated Atlantic line features industrial laser models with higher average power and prolonged lifetime for UV versions. To ensure simple model navigation, all Atlantic series products have been rearranged into three groups according to output wavelength: Atlantic IR, Atlantic VIS and Atlantic UV series.

Dedicated for heavy-duty real industry applications, Atlantic UV models feature third harmonics – up to 355 nm output wavelength, and cover versions from 1W up to 30 W output power. Due to the redesign of harmonics module, stress on optical components is reduced, resulting in longer lifetime and lower short time thermal effects for perfect beam quality at various operation conditions. For easy and fast UV optics replacement, the Atlantic UV series model has a single wavelength output.

Atlantic IR model lasers feature fundamental 1064 nm output wavelength and cover all Atlantic models from 5 W air cooled up to 80 W high power version.

Atlantic VIS models feature second harmonics  532 nm output wavelength and cover versions up to 40 W output. Abbreviation GR was employed for Atlantic VIS models.

The updated Atlantic product line has nearly full compatibility with previous versions, which does not require any significant changes for system integrators already using Atlantic series lasers. The same applies for most spare parts needed for long time system maintenance and service.

A more simple and intuitive product name coding is introduced as well. Model name will consist of product name “Atlantic” with group abbreviation and output power value in W. For instance – Atlantic IR 5 means Atlantic series version providing 5W at 1064 nm wavelength.

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