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THz accesories

THz spectroscopy accessories and components

Separately from THz emitter and detector EKSPLA provides convenient mounting stage compatible with both devices. It contains lens, mounted on adjustable XY holder, compact stage for shifting lens along optical axis and rail, on which both: lens and emitter/detector are mounted. This helps with pump beam guiding to the gap between electrodes located on photoconductive antenna, as well as adjusting beam diameter on active surface. Convenient fixing screws allow fast mounting and removing each part of this simple setup.

Emitter (or detector) mounted on its stage










Parameter Value
Beam height 105 mm
X, Y axis travel range 3 mm
Z axis travel range 13 mm
Lens diameter 25.4 mm
Lens focal diameter 50 mm
Lens anti-reflection coating AR/AR at selected wavelength (standard: 800/1030/1064 nm)

Ordering information

Description Model Notes
THz emitter/detector mounting stage MNT Includes pump beam focusing lens on XYZ stage


Bias power supply TMS -100 for THz emitter

Features :

  • Low noise
  • DC or squarewave output (needs external TTL input)
  • Cable for connection to THz emitter included

Front view of TMS-100 power supply









Parameter Value
Square-wave modulation frequency 10 Hz - 100 kHz
Output voltage 30-70 V (adjustable)
Max current 1 mA
Output socket BNC
Mains 100/220 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Dimensions (WxLxH) 130x190x39 mm

Ordering information

Description Model Notes
TMS-100 bias power supply TMS-100 30-70 V DC or square-wave output

Operational preamplifier for THz detector

External view of preamplifier









Preamplifier type current-voltage converter
Conversion coefficient > 106
Preamplifier head dimensions 60x12x15 mm
Power supply
Preamplifier power supply dimensions 155x65x80 mm
Preamplifier power supply output voltage + 15 V, -15 V
Preamplifier power supply line voltage 220 V or 110 V

Preamplifier head is equipped with SMA connector matched with EKSPLA THz detector

Ordering information

Description Model Notes
Operational preamplifier PAM Current-voltage converter, 106 V/A gain, includes 15 V power supply

THz Spectroscopy Kit

EKSPLA “THz spectroscopy kit” contains all the components necessary to build THz-TDS system. The standard kit consists of photoconductive antenna THz emitter and detector, pump laser beam guiding optics, motorized delay line with controller, bias power supply TMS-100, THz beam guiding optics, sample holder and lock-in amplifier. All components are assembled on the baseplate of 60×80 cm dimensions. Four standard configurations are available, optimized for transmission, reflection, imaging or pump-probe measurement. All can be easily interchanged and modified. Any other optional configuration can be ordered initially or as a future upgrade. THz spectroscopy kit is controlled by LabView™ based dedicated software.

Optical layout of THz spectroscopy kit in transmission configuration