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Pockels cell drivers PCD-P series for cavity dumping

Pockels cell drivers PCD-P series has been designed for use in mode-locked lasers for cavity dumping or for cavity Q-switching of solid-state nanosecond lasers. Fast HV (less than 7 ns.) edge ensures excellent pre- and post-pulse constrast. 

Two versions are available: PCD-PI and PCD-PII.

Maximum high voltage (HV) pulse amplitude 4.2 kV 5.2 kV
HV pulse fall time < 7 ns < 9 ns
HV pulse rise time ~0.1 ms
HV pulse duration from 5 to 100 µs1)
Maximum HV pulse repetition rate 3 kHz 2.5 kHz
Jitter < 0.5 ns
External triggering pulse duration requirement 100-1000 ns
External triggering pulse amplitude requirement 3-5 V (50 Ω )
External triggering pulse rise and fall time < 20 ns
HV pulse delay 35-40 ns
External powering requirements:
high voltage supply 4.4 kV, 0.2 mA max 5.5 kV, 0.2 mA max
low voltage DC supply 24-28 V, 50 mA max
Size 100 x 50 x 40 mm

1) According to customers request

Specifications are subject to changes without advance notice