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PhotoSonus series High Energy Tunable Laser for PAT

The PhotoSonus mobile optoacoustic imaging source consists of an integrated nanosecond solid-state pump laser, OPO and power supply unit in a compact mobile cart.


  • High, up to 200 mJ, output energy
  • Fast wavelength tuning (10 Hz)
  • 10 Hz or 20 Hz pulse repetition rate
  • Integrated pump laser, OPO and PSU in single portable unit
  • Turn-key operation and easy to use
  • Customizable fiber output
  • Fully motorized wavelength tuning
  • Externally triggerable
  • PC control via USB port and LabVIEW drivers


  • Rapid switching between OPO and pump wavelength (1064 nm)
  • Access to pump laser wavelengths (1064 / 532 nm)
  • Separate output of idler (1064 – 2300 nm)
  • Motorized attenuator
  • Energy meter


Following the demand of high output energies in the photoacoustic market for imaging larger volumes of tissue, PhotoSonus, a new high energy tunable laser source for photo-acoustic imaging is introduced. Time-tested Ekspla nanosecond pump laser, parametric oscillator, power supply and cooling unit are integrated in a single robust housing to provide mobility and ease of use.

Highly flexible PhotoSonus platform makes it easy to be integrated and used in a photoacoustic imaging system: it is fully motorized and computer controlled, have user trigger outputs/inputs and special functions as fast tuning between OPO wavelengths. Parametric oscillator generates output energies up to 200 mJ at peak. Achieving a highly uniform spatial distribution from OPO and adjustable beam diameter helps homogeneously couple various size fiber bundles and deliver balanced energy light to the target. By employing a wide range of other options (like access to OPO idler range, toggling between OPO and fundamental wavelengths through simultaneous output), this laser system can be modified to specific user requirements in order to expand photo-acoustic imaging possibilities.

Power supply:

  • Power supply unit integrated
  • Universal line voltage
  • Closed-loop air-water cooled

Specifications 1)

Parameter Value
Wavelength range 680 – 1064 nm
Pulse repetition rate 10 or 20 Hz
Pulse duration 3 – 5 ns (FWHM)
Pulse duration stability < 2 % StdDev
Beam divergence < 2 mrad (FWHM)

1) Due to continuous improvement, all specifications are subject to change without notice.