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PCD-UHV series OEM Pockels Cell Driver

Features HV pulse amplitude doubling layout and easy integration with HV power supply, PCD-UHV series Pockels cell drivers are excellent solution for OEM applications.


  • HV pulse amplitude up to 5.6 kV
  • HV repetition rate up to 10 kHz
  • HV pulse duration down to 15 ns
  • HV pulse amplitude doubling layout
  • Easy integration with HV power supply
  • Switchable one/two trigger pulses control mode



Operation regime 4.2 kV mode 5.6 kV mode
High voltage (HV) pulse amplitude to cell 4.2 kV 5.6 kV
Output polarity bipolar
HV pulse rise time, typical 7 ns 8 ns
HV pulse fall time, typical 7 ns 8 ns
HV pulse duration 30-3000 ns
Maximal HV pulse repetition rate 10 kHz 5 khz
External triggering pulse amplitude requirement 3.5-5 V (50 Ω load)
External triggering pulse rise & fall time < 5 ns
HV pulse delay 30 ns
External powering requirements:
  HV power supply* ≤ 2.1 kV, 5 W ≤ 2.8 kV, 5 W
  Low voltage DC supply, switchable 15-25 V, 150 mA or 12 V, 220 mA (0.5 A inrush current)
Dimensions ( L x W x H)
  Driver board 135 x 65 x 25 mm
  Driver board mounted with HV05Wm power supply 135 x 65 x 55 mm

* Typical voltage control limits for HV05Wm are 1.8 to 2.8 kV. Other limits are available on your request.

Specifications are subject to changes without advance notice.