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Nonlinear crystals oven TK4

TK4 nonlinear crystals oven has identical mechanical design as TK3. The preset temperature can be adjusted in ±5°C range by the help of potentiometer. The current temperature is not indicated. In addition, TK4  nonlinear crystals oven has “temperature ready” output signal, changing state when pre-set temperature is reached. TK4XL model can fit crystals with up to 50 mm length.
Model TK4 TK4L TK4XL
Temperature tuning range near preset ± 5 °C
Maximum crystals dimensions 15x15x20 mm 15x15x30 mm 15x15x50 mm
Preset temperature 30-60 (80) °C
Long-term stability ± 0.2 °C
Temperature OK output signal Present
Powering requirements 12-15 VDC
Power consumption 6 W 6 W 9 W
Sensor type NTC Thermo resistor
Output connector Binder 719, 3 pin
Dimensions, W×H×D, mm 48x44x26 48x50x36 48x50x56

Specifications are subject to changes without advance notice