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Flashlamp Driver PS5140 series for High Energy Systems

PS5140 model flashlamp driver is designed for single or multi-lamp pumping of high energy pump chambers usually based on phosphate glass rods.


  • 1 to 10 and more discharging channels with one charging channel
  • Output voltage up to 4000 V
  • Output voltage regulation better than ±0.3%
  • Up to two discharge channels per one 19” case
  • LAN, RS232, CAN computer interface options.
  • USB for software update
  • Measuring of discharge current and voltage traces and last shot energy


  • Glass amplifier pumping
  • Intense pulsed lighting (IPL)


PS514x series flashlamp drivers are designed for multi-lamp pumping of high energy pump chambers usually based on phosphate or silicate glass rods. This is highly-customizable power supply containing one-channel charging unit PS514xk and required quantity of one or two channel discharging units PS514xi. Each discharging channel is suited to drive one lamp. The PS514x has as many discharge channels as pump chamber has flashlamps. All discharging channels works synchronically. Usually, high energy systems work at very low repetition rate – not exceeding 1 Hz down to 1 shoot per hour. Hence simmer option is not applicable and lamp igniting (triggering) appears with every discharge. We usually recommend external lamp igniting with separate igniting unit (one- or multi-channel). However internal serial igniting is possible in some cases as well.

Description of PS514x given here is only as one example of possibilities to built high energy powering system, and any time by ordering it can be flexibly changed. All set of charging and discharging units can be mounted to 19” standard racks (sold separately).

General specifications

Charging unit PS5144K
Number of independent outputs 1
Max average output power Pavg 0.8; 1.6; 2.4; 3.2 kJ/s (options)
Internal capacitor at output 1 µF
Capacitor bank charging voltage Uch 4000 V
Load voltage regulation 0.3 %
Pulse to pulse stability 0.3 %
Voltage linearity 0.3 %
Protection features overvolt, overheat, interlock
Computer interface LAN / CAN
Triggering mode external
Mains for options 0.8, 1.6, 2.4 kW of Pavg Single phase, 230 V (-10 %, + 6 %), 47-63 Hz
Mains for options 3.2 kW of Pavg Three phase, 210 V 3FD or 400 V AC 3 FY
Power consumption, average <1.8; <3.2; <4.5; <5.8 kW (as per options above)
Power consumption, peak 2; 4; 6; 8 kW (as per options above)
Dimensions 19" x 4U front panel, 547(D) x 440(W) mm case
Ambient temperature from 0 to + 40 °C
Humidity up to 80 % non-condensing
Discharging unit PS5144i
Number of independent outputs 2 (1 as option)
Maximal capacitors bank voltage 4000 V
Maximal capacitors bank capacity at 3 kV 700 µF
Typical repetition rate < 1 Hz
Computer interface LAN
Triggering mode controlled by charging unit
Simmer N/A
Mains N/A
Dimensions 19" x 6U or 8U front panel, 547(D) x 440(W) mm case
Ambient temperature 0 to + 40 °C
Humidity up to 80 %, non-condensing

* Specifications are provided for illustrational purposes only.

Please contact EKSPLA for quotation, tailored for Your requirements.

Configuration examples of PS514X series power supplies

Capacitor charging units

Model Charging rate Maximal voltage Control interface Mains
PS5144k 1.5 kJ/s 3000 V CAN, LAN 230 V 50/60 Hz
PS5144kH 3 kJ/s 4000 V CAN, LAN 230 V 50/60 Hz

Capacitor discharging units

Model Number of discharge channels PFN specifications Flashlamp recomended
Capacitance, µF Inductance, µH Rated voltage, V Maximal stored energy, J Pulse duration FWHM, µs
PS5144i 2 700 40 3000 3150 350 Ø15×200 mm
PS5144iH 2 500 85 4000 4000 430 Ø15×300 mm

Ignition units

Model Number of channels Maximal output voltage for each channel Supply voltage
IGN-40-24-1 1 <40 kV +24 V
IGN-40-24-9 9 <40 kV +24 V
IGN-40-24-14 14 <40 kV +24 V