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DFM Pump Chamber

DFM series pump chambers are designed for pumping active elements with dimensions of 8 mm or 10 mm diameter and min 85 mm lenght.


  • Two FL type flashlamp for active element pumping
  • O-ring type seals for flashlamp and active element
  • Close coupling design for high pumping efficiency
  • Diffuse high efficiency ceramics reflectors
  • Active element - flashlamp sequential cooling scheme
  • Sm-glass plate for removal of UV radiation
  • Connectors for high voltage wires included
  • Connectors for water hoses ( 9 (ID) × 12(OD) ) included
  • Typical efficiency (for 6 ns pulses at 1064 nm) approx. 1%



Model DFM-58-8 DFM-58-10
Active element dimensions Ø 8 x 85 (min) mm Ø 10 x 85 (min) mm

Specifications are subject to changes wihtout advance notice.


DFM series pump chamber drawing