New Pockels cell drivers from EKSPLA offer better performance and improved safety






EKSPLA updated its Pockels cell drivers line. Now all PCD-UHR series units are available encased in aluminium housings. This solves two problems: shields both humans and electronics from high voltage of operating Pockels cell driver, and the driver itself from potentially harmful external contact – ensuring safe operation and driver longevity. The housed option is especially handy for researchers and custom product manufacturers who use these drivers during their own systems build-up.

Growing market demand for more powerful, high repetition rate DPSS lasers triggers demand for appropriate optoelectronic components. Answering this need, EKSPLA introduces a new, more powerful, model of PCD-UHR series drivers. The new PCD-UHR-1000-2.8 model features 2.7 kV working voltage at 1 MHz repetition rate and as fast as 7 ns HV pulse rise/fall time.

In addition, EKSPLA offers HV power supplies and customized versions of Pockels cell drivers, in quantities from a single unit to OEM series.

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