New NT235 series UV-VIS-IR tunable lasers features robust compact design

EKSPLA introduced new NT235 series tunable lasers offering hands‑free tuning from 335 to 2600 nm. Integrated into compact and monolithic housing, the diode pumped only Q-switched Nd:YAG laser and OPO features compact size, maintenance-free laser operation and improved stability (compared with flash-lamp pumped counterparts) making it an excellent choice for OEM integrators as well as laboratory set-ups. With its high, up to 10 mJ energy pulses at 100 Hz repetition rate, the NT235 series tunable laser establishes itself as a versatile tool for many applications, including photo acoustic imaging, laser induced fluorescence, flash photolysis, photobiology, metrology.

NT235 series tunable wavelength nanosecond lasers