EKSPLA will be participating in one more ELI project - to build 4 TW laser system

A Lithuanian consortium won one of the laser public procurement tenders of the ELI-ALPS facility in Szeged, Hungary. It was announced that the Lithuanian UAB „Ekspla” / UAB „Mokslinė-gamybinė firma „Šviesos konversija” consortium won the public procurement tender for the SYLOS1 laser system. The value of the contract and also of the laser system is more than EUR 4 million. The amount of financial support for the first implementation phase of ELI-ALPS Research Centre is 36.9 billion HUF.

A project starting ceremony was held in the Residence of the Hungarian Ambassador in Vilnius, on the occasion of the contract made between the Lithuanian UAB „Ekspla” / UAB „Mokslinė-gamybinė firma „Šviesos konversija” consortium and the ELI-ALPS laser research center in Szeged, Hungary. On the press conference, his excellency Mr. Zoltán Pecze, Hungary’s Ambassador to Lithuania; Lóránt Lehrner, managing director of ELI-HU Non-Profit Ltd., Prof. Károly Osvay, research technology director of ELI-HU Non-Profit Ltd. together with Prof. Algis Petras Piskarskas, president of the Lithuanian Laser Association and representatives of Lithuanian consortium: Kestutis Jasiunas, CEO of EKSPLA and Dr. Algirdas Juozapavicius CEO of Light conversion solemnly opened the project of ELI-ALPS SYLOS laser system and signed the project opening document.

Prof. Károly Osvay research technology director of ELI-HU Non-Profit Ltd. has pointed out on the scientific importance of the agreement: „The SYLOS 1 laser system will be able to generate 4 Terawatt peak power pulses. This equipment is based on optical parametric amplification, not on the conventional laser amplification method. It is worth noting that the researchers of Vilnius University are worldwide recognized in the field of optical parametric processes for many decades. The current signed contract is the very first made between a genuine consortium from a new EU Member State and the ELI facilities. “

Lóránt Lehrner, managing director of ELI-HU Non-Profit Ltd. said on the ceremony: “I hope that the construction of the Hungarian laser research centre will facilitate the technical and scientific development of Hungary, contribute to the competitiveness of its distinct industry, support the economical growth of the region and will result in a successful Hungarian-Lithuanian cooperation in the European Union. This facility becoming one of the centres of the international scientific life, compels the settling of foreign professionals and Hungarian researchers relocate to Hungary.”

„Lithuania and Hungary have common history related to our universities starting from 16 century. Now we are starting new common history related to achievements in the field of extreme light. The knowledge and technology to be developed during this project gives a strong impact to scientific competitiveness of our universities as well as to competitiveness of high-tech industry of both countries“– noted Kestutis Jasiunas, CEO of EKSPLA

Prof. Algis Petras Piskarskas, president of the Lithuanian Laser Association said on the event: „We are proud that laser companies, having grown up on the basis of the Lithuanian laser science which counts over 40 years, are able to produce top level laser instruments. Strong cooperation between Lithuanian laser industry and Vilnius University leads to new laser products that accommodate OPCPA technology born and perfected at Vilnius University. OPCPA is a key approach in equipping the high intensity laser facility to reach attoseconds in deep UV regions.“


The main object of ELI-ALPS (Extreme Light Infrastructure Attosecond Light Pulse Source) project is creating a unique European research centre, providing the international research community with laser pulses and further sources based on these. The Szeged facility will stand out from the institutes producing the highest intensity laser pulses in the world with its highest repetition rate and shortest pulses. This facility is expected to lead to reaching outstanding results not only in the field of ultrafast physical processes but also in biological, medical and materials sciences.

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Photos from the signing ceremony at the Residence of the Hungarian Ambassador in Vilnius: