Short pulse
lasers with the high power and repetition rate for microfabrication

Application note No. AN0912IL05

Mikhail Grishin, Saulius Jacinavicius, Giedrius Andriukaitis, Marijus Brikas, Gediminas Raciukaitis

Employment of short-pulse lasers in microfabrication opens up a lot of opportunities in tailoring and shaping variety of materials. The main drawback in a wide use of the laser technology on micro- and nanoscale today is the low fabrication speed. An increase in the pulse repetition rate is a way to reach the desired efficiency. New high-power and high repetition-rate lasers based on the diode-pumped Nd:YVO4 crystals with the pulse duration in picosecond and nanosecond time range were developed and applied in processing of different engineering materials. Pulsing up to 100 kHz allowed flexible machining of bulky and thin-film materials. Results of microfabrication and their relation with laser parameters are presented.

EKSPLA note: due to the continuous product improvements, laser models were replaced respectively: NL640 and NL15100 were replaced by Baltic and BalticHP series, PL10100 was replaced by Atlantic series.