Laser structuring
of conducting films on transparent substrates for electronics devices

Application note No. AN0912IL04

Gediminas Raciukaitis, Paulius Gecys, Mindaugas Gedvilas

The fast growing market of organic electronics, including organic light-emitting devices and thin-film solar cells, stimulates development of versatile technologies for patterning the thin-films on rigid and flexible substrates. Thin films of the transparent conducting oxides (TCO) and metals are important materials for making contacts, conductors and active elements. Laser structuring with the picosecond and nanosecond pulse duration was applied in shaping the thin-films deposited on the polymers and glass substrates. The wavelength of laser radiation was adjusted depending on optical properties both of the film and the substrate. Absorption of laser radiation by the film material was essential to initiate its controllable removal. The TCO films on the flexible polymeric substrate of polyimide and PET were found to be very sensitive to the processing parameters, including the positioning speed and wavelength. Well-defined shapes of the isolating trenches and conductor lines were produced by laser ablation with the picosecond pulse duration.

EKSPLA note: due to the continuous product improvements, laser models were replaced respectively: NL640 and NL15100 were replaced by Baltic and BalticHP series, PL10100 was replaced by Atlantic series.