High repetition
rate picosecond and femtosecond lasers for micromachining

Application note No. AN0912IL01

Gediminas Raciukaitis, Mikhail Grishin , Romas Danielius, Jonas Pocius , Linas Giniunas

Rising demand for efficient laser micro-processing has led to new developments in high repetition rate ultra-short pulse lasers. Laser companies in Lithuania cooperated with the Institute to Physics and Vilnius University to develop and demonstrate lasers offering 100’s kHz, up to 10 Watts, and high beam quality, in addition to versatile control and rigid design. The outcome is the picosecond laser PL10100 from Ekspla Ltd and the direct diode pumped femtosecond laser Pharos from Light Conversion Ltd, excellent tools for researchers in laser technology and variety of applications. Here we report results from machining of metals, glass and other materials, and discuss the cooperative development process.

EKSPLA note: due to the continuous product improvements, laser models were replaced respectively: NL640 and NL15100 were replaced by Baltic and BalticHP series, PL10100 was replaced by Atlantic series.