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First commercial high energy full DPSS picosecond laser

          Ekspla introduced the first commercial fully...

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EKSPLA was awarded as „Innovative Company of the Year“

EKSPLA was awarded as one of the winners at the 7-th annual innovation award contest. Jury of selected experts chosen...


Custom lasers and laser systems

New updates featuring information about custom lasers and systems has been added to the products catalog. Team of laser...


AC series scanning autocorrelator

EKSPLA introduced new line of products - AC series picosecond scanning autocorrelators. Autocorrelators of AC series...


Atlantic HR series picosecond high repetition rate DPSS laser

New Atlantic HR series diode pumped picosecond laser introduces a high 88 MHz repetition rate solution for material...


NL120 series high energy SLM Q-switched Nd:YAG lasers

EKSPLA introduced new line of high energy nanosecond lasers. NL120 series Q-switched nanosecond lasers are an...


NT370 series tunable wavelength infrared lasers

NT370 series tunable laser system comprises a nanosecond optical parametric oscillator and Q-switched pump laser in a...


NT350 series high energy tunable wavelength nanosecond lasers

New line of NT350 series tunable wavelength nanosecond lasers are excellent choice for many spectroscopy applications...

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PGX11 series narrow linewidth picosecond optical parametric generators

PGx11 series optical parametric generators employ advanced design concepts in order to produce broadly tunable...

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PGX03 series1 kHz repetition rate picosecond OPG

New line of kHz picosecond OPGs' is available from EKSPLA. PGX03 series OPGs are excellent choice for researchers who...